Do You Comply?™

Environmental Compliance of producers and their products in Germany and the EU.

Product Compliance

Before products can be put on the market in the EU, the obligations and requirements of European environmental rules (laws, ordinances, and norms) must be met. This conformity is called Product Compliance (also “Environmental Affairs” or “Regulatory Affairs”). Depending on the underlying European Directive, a solution has to be either provided for the complete European Union or individually, on a national level. Usually, the producer will be responsible for the Compliance of his products. However, it can also be the importers or even resellers who are affected – often without any awareness of this situation!


Obligations & Problems

Providing Product Compliance is a complex and extensive project for any affected company: The appropriate rules  for the products have to be determined and the resulting requirements have to be implemented. An active Product Compliance als brings new day-to-day tasks that have to be fulfilled. Furthermore, the existing implementation has to be permanently checked for any potential modifications and updated, where necessary.

Violating Product Compliance can result in legal complaints by competitors, hefty fines, and sales bans. These threats can potentially jeopardize your clients, too!

Support & Solutions

Competently and reliably, we take over your obligations for the Compliance of your products – in Germany, in the EU, and in several other countries. With our extensive portfolio of consulting and services, we can support you through the complete process, from the analysis of your specific requirements, to the implementation, up to the performance of the daily business. We can also offer own recycling solutions, to cover your legal take-back obligations of old products.

Contact us to see how we can help you – so you can focus on your core business!