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The following Terms & Conditions apply for this website and our services:


Provider of this website is the company hesselmann kommunikation GmbH, Aachen, Germany (address see imprint). Authorof all articles without an author’s name is Christoph Hesselmann (“V.i.S.d.P.”, address see imprint). All contents of this website are for information only and without responsibility. They don’t claim to fulfill the requirements of a qualified, individual legal or tax consulting, that must not be performed by the provider.

1. Limitation of liability

All contents of this website were compiled as accurately as possible. However, the provider cannot be held liable for the correctness, completeness, and validity of the offered information. The usage of the contents of this website occurs at one’s own risk. Articles carrying an author’s name reflect the opinion of the respective author and not necessarily the opinion of the provider.

All information on this website is not binding and subject to change at any time. The provider explicitely retains the right to modify, amend, or delete parts of this website or even the complete website, and to temporarily or ultimately suspend the publication of this website. No contractual relationship is concluded by the pure usage of this website. All statements, advice, recommendations, etc. of the provider or his employees outside of a written contractual relationship, in particular during the initiation phase of a work order, are strictly without any obligation (along § 675 Abs. 2 BGB German Civil Code).

2. Links

This website contains links to websites by third parties (“external links”). The providers of those websites are liable for the contents on those websites. During the first implementation of an external link, the provider of this website has checked the contents of the website to be linked regarding any statutory violations. No such violations were obvious at that time. The provider of this website has no influence on the current and future composition and contents of the external websites. Implementing a link to an external website does not implicate that the provider of this website adopts the contents of the external website as his own. A permanent monitoring of the external websites linked by this website without a concrete evidence of a statutory violation would be unreasonable. However, the provider of this website will remove the link to a violating website immediately after he is advised of the violation.

3. Copyright and trade marks

All contents on this website are protected by copyright or ancillary copyright. Any utilisation that is not allowed following the copyright or ancillary copyright is prohibited without written explicit permission by the provider or the respective rights owner. This especially and without limitation applies to copying, modifying, translating, storing, processing, or reproduction of any contents on this website in any form. Contents and rights of third parties are marked as such. Unlicensed reproductions or transmissions of parts of this website or the total website are prohibited and punishable by law. Only copies and downloads for personal, non-commercial, use are allowed.

The displaying of this website within external frames is only allowed by explicit, written, permission.

All trade marks mentioned on this website may be protected by third parties. They totally underlie the terms of the appropriate trademark law and the right of ownership of the respective owner. The mere mentioning of a trademark should not suggest that it is not protected by rights of third parties. In particular, the trademark “EAR” is a registered mark by the Stiftung Elektro-Altgeraete Register, Fuerth, Germany.

4. Privacy, nondisclosure

Anonymous data: By visiting this website, general data about access details (date, time, and pages visited) can be stored. These details are no personal data, but anonymous information.They are only processed for statistical reasons. This website does neither use web analytics nor cookies.

Personal data: Forasmuch as this website offers the input of personal or business data (eMail addresses, names, post adresses), this data is explicitely provided by the user on a voluntary basis. Using the website and the services offered on it is also possible without provision of such data, as far as technically feasible and reasonable. No personal data will ever be transmitted to third parties!

The provider of this website explicitely warns that the data transmission via the Internet (e.g. during the communication via eMail) can suffer from security vulnerabilities, and cannot fully protected from the unwanted access by third parties.

The usage of the provider’s contact details for the purpose of advertising is not allowed, except the provider has given his prior explicit written consent, or a business relation already exists. The provider and all entities or persons mentioned on this website hereby object to the commercial usage and transmission of their personal data.

The company hesselmann kommunikation GmbH pledges itself to not disclose any information received by users of this website via one of the contact options offered on the website.